Founder & Managing Principal

Corey S. Kupfer


Corey is actively and personally involved in the corporate practice area of the firm including sophisticated corporate structuring, high-level strategic advice, and mergers, acquisitions, succession and other deals, while overseeing the firm’s other practice areas. He is a strategist, negotiator and dealmaker.

A successful entrepreneur from the age of 15, Corey is a rarity among attorneys – he both understands and appreciates how business people think. He knows that every business  transaction has a window of opportunity that can be missed when faced with untimely legal delays or over-lawyering.

As a member of the New York Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization since 2008, a Board Member since 2010, and Chapter President from July 2014 - June 2016, Corey has been a passionate advocate and leader in the entrepreneurial space.  EO has over 11,000 members in over 40 countries and the New York Chapter is the largest in the world which has provided phenomenal contacts and resources for Corey and his clients.

Corey is a frequent speaker at entrepreneurial, business and securities industry conferences and events on many topics including authentic negotiating, deal-making and structuring, entity and platform design, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, visioning and planning, employee attraction and retention vehicles, authentic conversation about race and building authentic business relationships.

In 2011, New York Enterprise Report honored Corey at its Best Accountants and Attorneys for Growing Businesses Awards with its General Corporate Law and Attorney of the Year awards.




BeeSian Yap
Senior Corporate Associate


BeeSian Yap handles and has experience in a wide array of general corporate and transactional law, with an emphasis on the organization, development, financing, management, governance, operation, sale, merger and acquisition of businesses. 

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Arnold D. Herz
Trademark & Corporate Of Counsel

Arnold Herz spearheads the intellectual property practice of the firm while maintaining an active intellectual property practice of his own with a portfolio of over 250 trademarks in dozens of countries.  Additionally, Arnie assists with corporate matters for the firm’s clients and has worked with Corey for over 20 years.

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Dawn Hertzel
Legal Assistant & Office Manager


Dawn plays a crucial role in providing front-line client assistance, actively supporting and facilitating the legal and consulting advice and services we provide to clients, and overseeing all of the operational aspects of the firm that ensure an excellent client experience.