10 Tips For RIA Firms That Want To Do M&A, Tuck-Ins or Advisor On-Boarding Deals

This 10-tip series will help RIA firms that want to do mergers and acquisitions (M&A), tuck-ins and advisor on-boarding deals.

“As a multi-billion-dollar breakaway team, there was a lot of complexity to our transition from wirehouse to RIA independence.  Corey and his team gave us great strategic advice, seamlessly handled the incubation of our firm and our employment transition, corporate structuring, contracts and intellectual property work.  They also fully prepared us for the unexpected – which proved to be crucial to our successful transition and launch." 

Josh Carter, Managing Director, Sepio Capital, LLC

Are you a breakaway team looking to go independent or an RIA firm interesting on on-boarding a wirehouse or other advisor?


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