Arnold D. Herz



In 2000, Arnie became a mediator for the federal and state courts in New York and in such capacity has been recognized for his ability to cut to the heart of complex and protracted business disputes facilitating prompt resolutions. The Court appointed Arnie as the mediator for a complex dispute arising out of the cleanup of the World Trade Center Disaster Site and he helped broker an agreement between two private contractors, the City of New York and the US Government.

As a sought after speaker, Arnie has delivered over 120 programs and keynotes on topics related to the attorney-client relationship, negotiation, conflict resolution and work-life balance.  Arnie’s work has been covered in a number of distinguished publications, including the Harvard Negotiation Law Review and the New York Law Journal.  The New York Enterprise Report bestowed upon him the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.

Arnie is a graduate of the University of Michigan (B.A. 1984) and Fordham Law School (J.D. 1991) and is admitted in New York.

Arnie is a proud and dedicated father of three and enjoys coaching their sports teams.  He is on the Long Island Board and National Leadership Committee for the American Jewish Committee.  In his spare time he enjoys US history and playing chess and monopoly.

You can reach Arnie at or (646) 751-7516.

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