Mergers & Acquisitions

Don’t let size dissuade you from undertaking the deals that can propel you toward your goals. Often it’s simply a matter of having the right negotiators on your side.

Unfortunately, what you may consider to be a rather momentous deal might only elicit a yawn from mega law firms that focus only on huge transactions. It’s frustrating for a growing company to deal with the layering of a large law firm, only to find their account has been assigned to very junior attorneys to handle their important negotiations. On the other hand, the attorney who closed on your house or even who incorporated your business is likely out of his or her league when it comes to these types of transactions.

With Kupfer & Associates as part of your team, you benefit from the wisdom we acquired through our years of experience handling mergers and acquisitions at large firms, without the costly overhead you might find elsewhere. Combine that experience with our nimble responsiveness, personal attention and knack for understanding the whole of your business, and you have a winning combination for making your aspirations a reality.

Kupfer & Associate attorneys have handled hundreds of deals ranging from:

  • the purchase of a bar or medical practice,

  • representing countless RIA firms and aggregators in purchase, sale and merger deals.

  • handling many domestic acquisitions by a large office cleaning and maintenance company,

  • the sale of a stock photography business to a public company,

  • handling numerous tech industry deals.

  • to an international sale of a U.S. art licensing company to a German conglomerate.

We have handled deals ranging in size from $150,000 to $450,000,000 in numerous industries including securities, internet, stock photography, newspaper, art licensing, printing, school information and knowledge technologies industries.

We invite you to contact our merger and acquisition attorneys to learn more about how Kupfer & Associates can support your company goals, whether as a seller or a buyer, through mergers and acquisitions.