Corey Kupfer and his team move back to full independence

As the headline suggests, we have some very exciting news to announce for those of you who have not heard and some more information to provide for those who have. As an entrepreneur, it was time to return to running a firm with the vision, values and culture to which I am committed. This commitment was affirmed by my Dad's final lesson to me prior to his recent death - and that is to make sure you live your life so that you die with no regrets.

I appreciate that, during the 5 1/2 years I spent as a Partner at the Hamburger Law Firm, I had the opportunity to work with and get to know many great colleagues, clients and industry partners. I look forward to continued relationships and synergies with you in the future. For those not aware, prior to joining Hamburger Law Firm, I ran my own firm for 18 years. In this next chapter, I am thrilled about being able to focus on the service areas that I love, the types of clients with which we can have the most impact and the industry partners that share our vision and values. 

With that context, I am pleased to formally announce the reestablishment of my law firm, Kupfer & Associates, PLLC (effective as of May 18, 2015) and the rebranding of my entrepreneurial speaking, training and consulting company to Authentic Enterprises, LLC (more to come on this over the next few months). See and (coming soon) for more information. Also, please look out for my book, Authentic Negotiating, which will be published this fall.

Joining me in these endeavors are my fantastic team members BeeSian Yap - as Senior Corporate Associate, Arnie Herz - as Trademark and Corporate Of-Counsel and Dawn Hertzel - as Legal Assistant and Office Manager with additional team members and strategic relationships to be added over the coming months. The opportunity to work with the most dedicated and passionate team members with such a high commitment to client service is another reason that I am so excited about this transition and what we are building.

In terms of our focus, we will continue to assist entrepreneurial and growing companies (see the Entrepreneurial and General Business Client Supplement here) and registered investment advisory firms (see the RIA Supplement here) during their entire lifecycle from start-up through exit with corporate, contract, deal, structuring and related legal services and to work with firms on strategy, negotiating and deal-making, succession, platform design and growth strategies.

Our new office address is 5 Columbus Circle, Suite 800, New York, NY 10019 and we have additional meeting space at 30 Wall Street as well. You can reach us by phone at  (646) 751-7516 and by emails at,, and, respectively. We look forward hearing from you and working together in the future.

With much excitement and appreciation,

Corey S. Kupfer